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Enjoy the Simple Things

April 30, 2021, 12:00 AM

Have you been knocked down lately?

My story begins as I was driving to my very first stress test.  On the way to the stress test I had to make a left turn.  While waiting for the traffic to clear up for my turn I noticed in the rear view mirror a car coming fast behind me.  I could not move so I prepared by impact by taking my foot off the brake so if they did hit me, the truck would move forward after impact.  The irony of the situation did not escape me.  On the way to a stress test somebody knocked me further down.  Does your life ever get like that?  On  your way to one problem ever had  another one reach up and bite you?

I still remember one strange week a few years ago.  In the space of one week: my house got struck by lightning, twice.  I was standing under a tree when three of its limbs came crashing down around me; my tractor and lawnmower broke down; my famous coon dog Duke got skunked; my new rain gutters leaked; I had an insurance agent guess my age while trying to write me a policy--he guessed 10 years older than I am;  and my two football teams lost.

How trivial all of that seems when compared to real tragedy.  Most of the things that bother us when compared to life and death issues are really not that important.  Life is the most precious gift God gives us. 

 During the month of May allow God to show you what is truly important.  Enjoy the simple things from the beginning of your garden to watching children and grandchildren play soccer or baseball.  Look in the mirror and remember God loves everyone you can see...and remember, if you get knocked down don't stay down!  The real joy is getting back up.

Bro Jim